Choosing the Correct Junior Tennis Racquet Size 


Allowing young tennis players to play with equipment that fits them goes a long way towards creating a life long enjoyment of sports, and having the correct size of tennis racquet is no different.  Junior tennis racquets range in length from 19 inches to 26 1/2 inches in length and each racquet length will correspond directly with a child's size and strength level. 

To help us correctly choose the appropriate junior tennis racquet for a child, we use the following guide: 

19 inch racquet - 35-39 1/2 inches tall (89 - 100 cm)

21 inch racquet - 40-44 1/2 inches tall (101 - 113 cm)

23 inch racquet - 45-49 1/2 inches tall (114 - 126 cm)

25 inch racquet - 50-55 1/2 inches tall (127 - 141 cm)

26 inch racquet - 56-59 1/2 inches tall (142 - 153 cm) 

Generally, when a child reaches 60 inches in height (or 151 cm), they can move to a 27 inch or full-size tennis racquet.  It is also important to not rule out using 26 inch graphite tennis racquets if you are a small adult, as you may also find the smaller grip size these racquets provide to be more comfortable.

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