Choosing the Right String for your Squash Racquet


Strings can make a difference to the performance of your racquet by helping you obtain more power, durability, feel or control. 

Courtside Sports carries Apollo, Ashaway and Tecnifibre squash-specific strings although players can choose thinner gauge tennis strings when looking for more durability. 

Ashaway strings are typically a braided, multifilament construction, which offer great feel and playability.  These have been a consistent favorite among squash players for many years.   

Within the Ashaway line, there is Supernick, Powernick and Ultranick string.  Supernick is the softest and most playable option for players wanting all-round performance and feel.   PowerNick, with Zyex filaments for a stiffer feel, more power and increased durability works well for aggressive string breakers. UltraNick is Ashaway’s premium line offering better performance, soft feel and optimal tension maintenance. 

Tecnifibre strings are currently the number one string on the pro Squash Tour.  Our most popular option, the Tecnifibre 305 string, offers comfort and durability, wheras the 305+ provides a higher level of power.  X-One Biphase, with exclusive Elastyl Fiber, is powerful and durable and is the most performance-oriented of the Tecnifibre strings.  It also provides good feel and maintains tension well. 

By using a thinner gauge in any of these strings, you will gain more resiliency (elasticity) but less durability. A thicker gauge gives better durability as well as more control due to less string movement. 

Another factor in string performance is string tension. Lower tensions can provide more feel whereas higher tensions provide more power. 

Finally, racquet design, or string pattern is another factor in choosing the correct string for your game.  Racquets with denser string patterns (more strings) allow for using thinner gauge strings for performance.  Racquets with open patterns (fewer strings) require slightly thicker gauge strings to combat breakage.

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