How to Choose a Table Tennis Blade:


If you prefer to customize your table tennis racquet as opposed to buying a pre-assembled racquet, then building it from scratch is the way to go and choosing your blade (or the base of the racquet) is the first step.  A few factors to consider when buying a table tennis blade would be the thickness of the blade, the handle shape and the materials used. 

Blades are mostly available in 5 ply (or layers) or 7 ply in either wood or composite materials.  A 5 ply blade is mostly preferred by players who hit with more looping shots as the blade will flex, which promotes a trampoline effect to generate spin.  A 7 ply blade is effective in blocking back shots and hitting drives.

Blade handles come in flared, anatomic and straight designs, with flared being the most common shape available.  Choosing a handle shape is a personal preference and the best handle shape is the one that feels the most comfortable for you. 

Composite blades are used to maximize the amount of speed you want while maintaining spin and feel.  Common materials used in single material composite blades include Carbon, Zylon, Kevlar, Aralyte and Fiberglass.  Mixed composite blades can feature combinations of  Carbon/Aralyte, Carbon/Kevlar and Carbon/Zylon.






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