How to Choose a Table Tennis Rubber:

You've bought your blade and now you need to put the best rubbers for your game on it but which is the best table tennis rubber for you?

Consider that table tennis rubbers come in different thicknesses - from 1.5 mm up to 2.2 mm.  The rule of thumb is that a thicker rubber (2.0 or thicker) will result in more offensive play and faster speed and higher spin than a thinner rubber (1.5 - 1.7 mm).  Also, the main types of topsheets available on rubbers include "pips in", "pips out" and "anti-spin".  "Pips in" rubbers tend to be the most common used on medium-level racquets and higher, whereas "pips out" are used as more of a defensive rubber since they slow the ball down on contact.  Anti-spin topsheets tend to nullify all spin the ball may have.

Finally, harder and softer rubbers will also perform differently with softer rubbers providing better ball feel and spin and harder producing more speed. 


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