Squash Racquets – How do I choose?


When looking for squash racquets Canada need look no further than Courtside Sports.

We carry a large variety of Dunlop, Head, Black Knight, Wilson, Harrow, Tecnifibre, Karakal, and Prince Squash racquets for all levels of players. Squash racquets vary in composition/construction, weight and stiffness as well as, head size, balance and string pattern. Typical frame constructions include aluminum/titanium (for entry level racquets), aluminum/graphite-fused (entry-level/intermediate racquets) and a variety of graphite constructions (intermediate/professional level). 

When choosing a racquet some of the main factors to look at are frame weight, balance, stiffness, and grip size. 

Lighter weight frames are generally more desirable to players because they are easier to maneuver. Selecting an ultra light frame may provide a player with excellent maneuverability but may lack in power. Finding a comfortable weight that still provides a player with enough power is ideal. 

Finding a racquet with the proper balance can be game changing. A good rule of thumb with racquet balance is the lighter the frame is generally the more head heavy it will be balanced. The heavier the frame generally the more even balanced or even head light it will be. 

Frame stiffness is an important part of selecting a racquet. Racquets with higher stiffness ratings will provide a player with more power transfer to the ball. Racquets with a lower stiffness rating will provide a player with less power but provide better touch and feel on the ball. 

Manufacturers only produce squash racquets in one grip size. The shapes and sizes of the grips vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most grips are fairly small; it is not uncommon for players build up their grips by adding an extra overwrap or replacement grip to their racquet. Larger grips provide more comfort when holding the racquet and less torsion on off-center shots.

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