Courtside Sports carries both Baden Volleyballs and Wilson Volleyballs in both indoor and beach styles.
Volleyballs differ significantly if they are designed for indoor play in a gym or for beach use, with the main differences being weight, materials and construction.   Indoor volleyballs, which are slightly lighter in weight than beach volleyballs,  are molded, with panels being glued directly to an inner lining.  This offers uniformity and consistency for play.  Leather is the preferred material for construction as it is extremely durable. The regulation weight for indoor balls is approximately 10 ounces.
Beach volleyballs, which are a bit heavier to help with playing in wind, are hand stitched as opposed to molded and are often constructed with a composite material to keep them water resistant and stand up against the constant exposure to the elements. These balls played with less inflation than an indoor ball and are slightly larger in circumference.
   All prices in Canadian Currency.
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