Courtside Sports - Speedminton


Imagine the best of tennis and badminton - all in one!  Speedminton is the fast, fun new sport that has something for every age and skill level player.  It can be played wherever you want - on the street, in the park, on the beach or on a tennis court.  It can even be played at night!  The speeders are rated for different player styles:  the Fun Speeder is designed for shorter distances (35-50 feet) and is a good choice for beginners and smaller spaces.  The Match Speeder and Night Speeder can be played at a range from 45-70 feet.

How to Play:

Players draw for serve.  Whoever scores serves the next point.  When using an "Easy Cones" set-up, serve is made from the center of the court.  Speeder must be hit below the server's waist with racquet head below server's hand (overhead service permitted behind back service line).

Once Speeder is in play, point continues with players attempting to hit Speeder back and forth.  Player wins poiint by hitting Speeder to the floor of opponent's "box"  (the line is considered to be in bounds), or if opponent fails to keep Speeder in play (point ends when Speeder touches the ground).

First side scoring fifteen points wins a game.  Game must be won by a two point advantage.  A match is played as best of five games with losing side having first service in next game..  Players change sides after each game. 

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