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The retail division of Courtside Sports was founded by Rose Del Rosario and Albrecht Klieber in 1990. Located in Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, Courtside Sports has been internationally recognized as maintaining the highest professional standards for racquet specialty stores in North America.

Courtside Sports staff members are all racquet sports enthusiasts, high-level competitive players and current and former teaching pros. Our racquet technicians have extensive racquet stringing and service experience originating as far back as 1978. All our racquet stringers are USRSA Certified Master Racquet Technicians or in apprenticeship for achieving this high level of racquet service excellence. No other business in Canada has put more stringers through the exhaustive USRSA Master Racquet Technician exam since the program’s induction in the early nineties. At courtsidesports.com, you will receive expert professional advice on ALL of your racquet sports needs.

Courtside Sports offers a full selection of racquet stringing and customization services.  We are United States Racquet Stringers Association members and have three Master Racquet Technicians on staff.  Whatever your racquet stringing needs are, we can help.  If you specific questions about the services we offer, or would like some assistance in choosing the right string for your racquet, purchasing a stringing machine or for any other technical racquet related inquiries, please email us at info@courtsidesports.com.


Volume Discount String Program

If you're a frequent string breaker or operating a home based racquet stringing business, you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing product from Courtside Sports at near wholesale prices when you buy in bulk.  Contact Al Klieber at al@courtsidesports.com for more details on this popular program.

 If you’re looking for the right product to give you a competitive edge, or just something you can’t find in your area, we’ve probably got it at Courtside Sports. If we don’t have the product you are looking for, we will do our best to find it for you. Special Orders are always welcome here at Courtside Sports.

For any product inquiries (whether you found it on this website, or not) please email us at info@courtsidesports.com or call our toll-free order number at 1.866.386.4265.

We are happy to be at your service!

Albrecht Klieber & Rose Del Rosario

Al Klieber
Master Racquet Technician
38+ years of racquet service experience
USRSA Certification Tester for Western Canada
Rose Del Rosario
Web Master, Internet Sales, Customer Service,

34+ years of retail/customer service


Dave Vinkle
Master Racquet Technician
Manager, Internet Sales, Customer Service
20+ years of racquet service experience
Jimmy Perry Costamagna
 Master Racquet Technician
1 year of racquet stringing experience
Tennis Canada Club Pro 1 Coach
Braeden Beller
Master Racquet Technician
Customer Service
1 year of racquet service experience


Will Thomas
Master Racquet Technician
Customer Service

2+ years of racquet service experience



Jose Villegas
Customer Service
Apprentice Racquet Technician
Inventory Control


Nick Blanco
Racquet Technician
Customer Service
4+ years of racquet service experience
Mariko Takimura
Customer Service
Inventory Control








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